Academic Eligibility


All student-athletes/participants must demonstrate that school achievement is their primary responsibility at Green Street Academy. They must pass all classes the quarter prior to the sports season to be eligible for competition. In addition, they must have also maintained a 2.0 GPA average. Academic eligibility checks will be performed at interim report dates and at term ending.

  • Failed 1 class in previous/current quarter and/or below a 2.0 GPA: Academically ineligible to compete in any games.  May practice and travel with team only on days that the team does not get dismissed early.  Must attend mandatory coach classes for the class they failed or in danger of failing. If they have failed a Quarter 2 or Quarter 4 class but still passed the class for the year they are eligible to play but will serve a minimum of ¼ of the athletic season suspension (or more based on Coaches discretion and student-athletes ability to maintain passing requirements for current classes).  This does not apply to Quarter 1 or 3 classes.  Must be passing all classes by progress report time to be eligible to play.


  • Failed 2 classes in previous/current quarter: High School: Academically ineligible for upcoming/current season.  May not try out or participate in any athletics/activities.  Middle School: Academically ineligible for upcoming/current season but may practice during non-skilled drills (conditioning, warm-ups, alternative work-outs at coaches’ discretion).  May not play in any games.  May be academically reinstated after passing all classes on the next progress or report card.


  • Failed 3 or more classes in previous/current quarter: Not eligible to participate in any athletics/activities.